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Chapter 11: Man: The Call of the Eternal

I said, “In front of her you have to prove what you have attained, to what purpose your life has been, what joy you have attained.” And I said, “I will get married - I am ready - if you convince me of what your life has attained. All those arguments you have come prepared with.and I have not given you a chance. But if you cannot convince me then you will have to divorce your wife. Either I get married or you get divorced!”

After that I would go to his house every day, and sometimes he would hide in the bathroom, sometimes he would escape through the back door. His wife became very worried: “What is the matter? Why is he so afraid of this boy?” And she asked me, “What is the matter? He is not even so afraid of me! He hides in the bathroom, he says, ‘Tell that boy I am sick.’ And he is not sick. He continuously worries about you. What is the matter?”

I told her, “This is the matter - it is a question for you to think over too. He has to prove it. And I have been contacting all the neighbors. I will collect all the neighbors who are my witnesses that his life is the most miserable in the whole town. He has to prove that he has achieved some bliss. If he cannot prove it, then he has to divorce you!”

She said, “What!”

I said, “That is the question. If I have to get married then he has also to put something at stake. It is a gamble! I am gambling my whole life, I am gambling my future - he has to gamble his past. I have no past, he has no future!”

He was listening from the bathroom. He came out and touched my feet. He said, “Forgive me and I will never bother you anymore. Don’t disturb my life! I am already in so much trouble, and you are haunting me every day. Even in the night I see you in my dreams. And I know that you can defeat me - you have got hold of my weak point!”

Life has no purpose. Nothing has any purpose; that’s the beauty of life. The moment you bring in purpose, you destroy the beauty. Love has no purpose and meditation is certainly absolutely beyond the idea of purpose. There is no end beyond it, it has intrinsic value. It is not a means to some end, it is an end unto itself.

And you say: “Having achieved that.” That is only a supposition - you have not achieved that. You are just asking a question for the question’s sake, because anybody who has achieved that moment of meditation cannot ask this question.

You are asking: “Having achieved that, to what end do we live?” Once you have achieved meditation all ends disappear. You simply live as the flowers live, as the birds live, as the stars live. You become part of this universal festival of existence, of joy, of beauty. This whole grandeur, this splendor is yours. To be meditative simply means dropping all ego trips - purpose is also an ego trip - dropping all goals, being herenow.

And you ask: “What has happened here is immensely overpowering and beautiful. Will it last?” You have lost it already. If it is immensely overpowering and beautiful, you will not ask the question, “Will it last?” Who cares? This moment is enough. Who knows about the next moment?