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Chapter 5: Desire Only That Which Is Within You

You must have noticed how when a thorn gets stuck in your foot, you become aware of your foot, or if there is pain in your head, you become aware of your head. Are you aware that you have a head when there is no pain in it? Whenever you are aware of it, it is because of pain; without pain you are not aware of your head. Only a sick man is aware of his body; a healthy man does not think about it.

This is the definition of health: bodilessness is the definition of health - when you are not aware of the body. If you are aware of the body it means that it is diseased. You only come to know of it when it is sick - because in sickness you need to give it attention. While the thorn is stuck in your foot, all your attention is on the foot because your first need is to remove the thorn. So all your attention goes there, and only then can the thorn be removed. If your attention did not go to your foot, the thorn would remain and its poison would spread. So if your head is in pain, all your attention will go there.

That is why medical science has found ways.. When there is pain it is not actually removed by giving you a tablet. The only thing that happens is that the communication channel through which you register pain is interrupted; so then you don’t feel the pain. The pain is not removed by the tablet - that is a fallacy - it only disconnects the transmission of your attention to the pain, it deadens the nerves in between so that the message cannot get through. So even if your foot is going to be amputated, you will not be aware of it. An injection is given: it does not stop the pain, the pain is there, but it does not allow your attention to reach to the pain. That is why the pain is not felt. Your whole body can be cut open, and you will not even be aware of it. There is only one way of becoming aware of it, and that is by your attention reaching there; and your attention will go there - wherever there is pain your attention will go.

There is no pain in the soul; that’s why there is no way for your attention to reach there. The soul is always blissful - that’s why there is no need for it to call for your attention.

The body is always in some trouble or other. The body is a vast mechanism, it is very complicated. So far we have not been able to make any machine on earth as complicated as the body. Scientists say that if we wanted to duplicate the workings of an ordinary body, a factory covering at least ten square miles would have to be built. There would be such a noise and clamor in that factory - but in the body of man everything is happening so silently.

Man is a vast phenomenon. In his body, in the body of an ordinary man there are some two trillion cells. There is a crowd of two trillion cells in your body and they have a society, they have regulations, and their regulations are unique. So far, man has not been able to create an organization like this. The biggest of our biggest states are not regulated and systematized as well as those two trillion cells in your body.

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