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Chapter 20: Become a Friend to Yourself

There are two attitudes toward existence. One: of enmity, conflict, struggle - the attitude of conquering the world, nature, the universe.

The whole scientific edifice is based on this attitude. Science is a struggle, a violent struggle with nature - destructive. Religion is based on quite the contrary attitude: the approach of friendliness, of love.

Nature is not to be conquered, because we are part of it. And it is absolutely absurd that the part should try to conquer the whole. It is impossible, and ultimately only the part will suffer, not the whole. The whole effort is foolish, stupid.

Religion says we are part of nature - nature is the whole. The effort to conquer it is bound to create hell for you. Rather, surrender to it; rather, be in a deep sympathy with it. Be deeply involved in it, be in a familial relationship with it. Love must be the attitude.

And this is the miracle. It looks paradoxical, but when you try to conquer it, you never conquer it. In the effort, only you are destroyed. You just create misery, anguish, anxiety for yourself. You become an outsider. Then the universe is not a home for you, the universe is not a mother. Then you suffer, you become motherless. When you love - when the approach is of love and not of violent struggle - you conquer.

Only love conquers, because only love knows how to surrender, only love knows how to be defeated. That’s why love conquers. Love becomes victorious because love knows the secret key: that there is only one victory with existence, and that victory is of being surrendered to it.

Once you surrender to it, the whole universe surrenders to you. The universe is just a response. Whatsoever you are doing, the universe goes on echoing it. The universe is not really doing anything to you. Rather, you are doing something to yourself, through nature. If you are trying to conquer nature you are creating conflict. Nature will respond with conflict. It is your own face, reflected in it.

If you are not fighting, nature is not fighting. If you are ready to surrender, nature will surrender to you. This surrendering attitude toward existence is prayerfulness. This attitude of surrendering toward the whole will make you also whole. Meditation is the path of how to surrender.

Three things are to be remembered. One: you are born out of existence; existence is your mother. Those who call God “The Father” are not right. This is just a male-oriented attitude. God is not the father, God is the mother, because we are born out of God. The whole universe is a womb. One comes out of it and then, finally, one drops into it again - just like a wave in the ocean, jumping and then falling back. It is a stupid wave that struggles against the ocean. It is bound to go mad. And we have gone mad. This madness has to be dropped.

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