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Chapter 13: Sympathy Is a Dirty Word

I said a few things about Anam. I know he has great potential, and he is wasting his potential in stupid things. And you sympathized with him! Do you want him to remain the same as he is? It is not compassion that you gave him. You were not friends while you were hugging him, you were enemies. You should have told him, “You have behaved wrongly - this is not the way to communicate with a master. You are not making bridges with the master, you are making walls. We have great love for you, but no sympathy for your attitude.”

And if he had heard, from thousands of sannyasins, the same thing - do you think something was not going to happen to him? I hit him hard, and you hugged him hard and destroyed my whole effort. Receiving your sympathy, he must have felt great, that everybody is favorable to him. You have supported his wrong attitude, not him. I was working on him, destroying his attitude; you did just the opposite.

Growth is not child’s play, it is a very conscious effort. And you all have to be supportive to the person’s innermost being, but never support any wrong attitude. Supporting the wrong attitude you are poisoning him, and enjoying your ego. It is a double-edged sword: you are killing him and you are killing yourself too.

You have to learn very clearly that if you support any wrong attitude, sympathize with it, that means you are also carrying something alike in you. Secondly, you are exploiting the man’s situation, and becoming holier-than-thou. Thirdly, you are pumping more air into the balloon of your ego. You are destroying both yourself and the other person.

I am also very destructive, but my destruction is devoted to creation. I am going to destroy so many things in you that unless you are courageous enough, alert, aware of the fact that my destruction is of all that which is wrong in you.. I am doing exactly what a sculptor does.

Michelangelo can perhaps be said to be one of the best sculptors of the whole history. He has made statues of Jesus so beautiful, so alive.even Jesus was not so alive nor so beautiful. The case is otherwise; there are ancient scriptures describing Jesus as an ugly man. Perhaps it may be an exaggeration by his enemies, but there must be some truth in it. At the best, he was just homely.

But Michelangelo has created such beautiful statues.. One of his statues of Jesus a few years ago was destroyed by an atheist. It was in St. Peter’s Cathedral in the Vatican. Nobody had ever thought that it had to be guarded! It was available for everybody to see. Just to be close to that statue was an experience - but one atheist destroyed it.

He was caught. Because he had destroyed one of the most beautiful things that man has created, he was asked, “Why have you destroyed it?”

He said, “I am against God, I am against Jesus, I am against religion. That statue, although just a piece of marble, was creating in many people something which can only be called religiousness.”

And do you know how Michelangelo found that piece of marble, that big rock? It was lying in front of a shop which had sold marble for years. Nobody had asked for it. Just to create a space in his shop, the shopkeeper moved the rock to the other side of the road, and it was lying there.

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