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Chapter 29: Life Can Be a Song, a Dance

There is no need to find any attitude. There is no problem if you feel surrendered to me: if I have said to do it, you do it. Then it is not a question of your attitude, because that is not going to help. You can find some positive attitude, but within a week it will be gone because you cannot remain in one attitude continuously.

Only a no-mind can remain in one attitude, and in fact it is no-attitude, that is why he remains in one state. Attitudes are bound to change. So if you are trying to make your attitude about it positive, you may be able to by much effort, by suffering and forcing yourself, but then again you will slip back.

Simply surrender to me. Don’t think that you belong to you. You belong to Osho, and Osho says to type, so type! Do you understand me? And whenever I see that you are happily typing I will change it! I will give you something more difficult, so don’t be worried.

Everything is, in a certain way, going to help you. If you are really interested in changing yourself, then don’t cling to yourself; otherwise, how are you going to change? If your mind is to be fulfilled then it will become more and more strengthened. If your mind says that you don’t like typing, that you prefer something else, and you do that, then it becomes strengthened.

Precisely because you don’t like it I say that you are to go on doing it - precisely because of that. It is so that you can have a feeling that you are not a mind, or a slave to the mind; that the mind has no business to dictate, that you can by-pass it and be on your own. This is a great learning and a great discipline.

So there is no need to create any positive attitude. Simply drop all attitudes and just function as a vehicle, a passage, that’s all, and you will see everything change.


What do you want to do with me? Perhaps I shouldn’t ask, but I’m very curious, and constantly thinking about possibilities.

Just tell me what possibilities you have been thinking about.

Well, doing something for you in Ireland; doing something about changing my profession into a vocation - which I have difficulties with at the moment - or coming back here to type and do the things that I don’t like doing! (Osho laughs)

What type of profession do you have? And you like it or not?

I’m a lecturer in psychology. I like the teaching, and I see myself as a teacher rather than anything else. But it’s difficult to find an aspect within the discipline that I can give my heart to. I’ve been very proud of being professional for years and that’s got to stop(. But I like teaching.

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