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Chapter 3: The Gardener Is the Garden

.Because once you know who the son is, you have already known the father. If you recognize Jesus, you have recognized God. If you crucify Jesus, you have crucified God - because whatsoever you do with Jesus, you do with God.

Not only Jesus was crucified on Golgotha; God was crucified that day. You could not believe in God who was expressing himself through Jesus. You could not recognize the son, you could not see from where the song was coming. You destroyed the flute. But in destroying the flute, the song also disappeared.

“All things are delivered to me
of my father; and no man knoweth
who the Son is, but the Father
and who the Father is, but the Son.”

“Only he knows me,” Jesus says, “and only I know who he is” - because that revelation is possible only in deep love, that revelation is possible only when you become part of God and God becomes part of you; when you are so deeply related to the whole existence that you are no longer separate. Then you know who the God is.

“.and who the Father is, but the Son,
and he to whom the son will reveal him.”

And for ordinary humanity there is no other way than to look through the son, to accept the revelation, to see God through he who has become one with him. Once you see it, you have already become a son. Then others can see through you, and the thing can go on spreading.

Every person who has recognized Jesus has immediately become a Jesus. Every person who has recognized Buddha has immediately become Buddha. In your recognition you have attained. Then anybody who recognizes you is linked, is bridged, with God. One man can transform the whole world. It becomes a chain of openings.

If you recognize me, you have become me. Then somebody recognizes you; he has become you. And this can go on and on. Just a small pebble thrown in the sea, and ripples arise and they go on spreading.

Jesus is just the pebble. You can become Jesus if you recognize him. That is the meaning, the real meaning, of being a Christian: that you have recognized Jesus as the son of God and you say, “My eyes are not yet able to look at the sun; the light is too much. I look at the lamp, but I recognize that the light is the same.”

To look at God directly will be blinding. To look at Jesus is beautiful. He is not blinding. But through him you can recognize, and then by and by your eyes can become attuned. Once you have become attuned to Jesus, you can look directly to God, because by and by Jesus will disappear, will become transparent.transparent.and will be gone, and only God will be left there. That’s why he goes on saying again and again: “I and my father are one.”