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Chapter 6: Wings for Your Freedom

Even the poorest beggar knows more about metaphysics, about great ideologies.. And when the Western man comes - he may be well educated but his education is in science, his education is in logic, his education makes him a great intellectual. But in the heart he remains very naive. Then any Beedie Baba, any idiot can make a great impact on him.

This Dutch man lived for months together with Beedie Baba. He does not mention his well-known name, Beedie Baba; he mentions only his legal name, Nisarg Datta Maharaj. He has written many books on Nisarg Datta Maharaj; he has made Nisarg Datta famous all over the world. I have looked through those books - sheer nonsense!

Now Amrito has written to me, “Osho, you have to tell Hasya to withdraw her statement, because I have seen this Dutch man and to me he looks enlightened.”

Enlightened people don’t look enlightened, they are enlightened! And poor Amrito, this is not for the first time.. He gets caught anywhere; it has happened many times. And he is going round and round. He met another idiot’s follower.. That idiot was Muktananda, and he had an American follower, Baba Free John. Now he has changed his name, because now he declares himself enlightened and he has dropped any connection with Muktananda. Now he has become Da Free John.

And Amrito went there and inquired of me, “Can I write a book on Da Free John?”

I said, “Amrito, if your whole life is just to write about any idiot you come across, then don’t waste your time in Holland - come to India, and you will find so many people. Go on writing.”

He has written about Sri Aurobindo, he has written about J. Krishnamurti, he has written about Da Free John, he has written about me, and now he is caught up with this other Dutch fellow.

“.If this is going to be just your profession, to write, if you are some kind of spiritual journalist, then it is okay. But this is not going to lead you towards enlightenment.”

He became very confused. It was bound to happen, because when he read my statement about Sri Aurobindo - that he was not enlightened - Amrito was shocked. Now, what can I do about it? I know he was not enlightened and he was befooling people. He was declaring to people - and that was the only attraction, because thousands of people around the world became interested in Sri Aurobindo for a single reason.

He was telling people, “Up to now there have been enlightened people, self-realized people; they have attained to immortality. But now I have come to bring a new experience to the world and that experience is physical immortality. Spiritual immortality many have attained; I have brought the whole alchemy of making you physically immortal.”

Naturally all kinds of people who are afraid of death immediately became interested - and these kinds of statements have a beauty. Naturally, you cannot contradict Sri Aurobindo while he is alive; he is the proof that he is immortal. And you cannot contradict him when he dies.who to contradict!

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