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Chapter 10: The Alchemy of Celebration

This is the attitude of a real religious man: that the whole life is divine, unconditionally. Nothing is wrong with being a box of corn flakes on the market, so don’t be afraid of telling people about me and don’t be afraid of the market. The market has always been there and will always be there. And in the market anything goes. Wrong things will also be sold; nobody can prevent that. But because of wrong things, people who have some thing right to sell in the market become afraid. They always become afraid, and they think, “How to put such a thing on the market where everything that is wrong is going on?” But this is not helping in any way. Rather, on the contrary, you help the wrong thing to be sold.

In economics there is a law that says that false coins force real coins out of circulation. If you have a false coin and an authentic coin, the human tendency is to first try to circulate the false coin. You want to get rid of it; keep the authentic coin in your pocket and circulate the false coin in the market. That’s why so many false coins are in circulation. Somebody has to bring the authentic coin to the market. And once you bring the authentic coin to the market, the very authenticity works.

Just look - even if false things go on, why not the real thing? But people who have the real thing are always afraid of unnecessary problems. Many people I know are afraid even to tell people about me. They think, “When the right moment comes - then.” Who knows when it will come? They think, “How can I say? I have not yet experienced much.” Then they think that if you talk about me it becomes like another advertisement. If you talk on the TV, or on the radio, or you write articles in the newspaper, it looks like you are selling something. It looks cheap. But people who are selling bad and false things are not afraid of this, they are not bothered. They are not even bothered about whether any corn flakes are inside the box or not. They are simply selling beautiful boxes, but empty. They are not afraid.

This is how bad people put right people out of circulation. They are not bothered about whether something is cheap; they simply go on shouting loudly. And of course when somebody shouts loudly, people hear. When somebody shouts so loudly and with such confidence, people are caught in it.

Don’t be afraid. Just by your being afraid you cannot take the wrong things off the market. The only way to put them out is to bring the right thing. And if you have the right thing, then shout from the roof tops. Don’t be bothered; shout as loudly as you can. That is the only way that things move in the world.

Jesus has said to his disciples, “Go to the farthest corners of the earth. Convert people and cry from the house tops, so that everyone can hear. Then everybody can come to know what truth is.” Buddha has said to his disciples, “Go, and don’t be stopped for long periods in one place, because the earth is big.” The word of Buddha is, “Charaiveti, charaiveti” - go on, go on! Many are still there to hear the word. Don’t stop, don’t rest - charaiveti, charaiveti! Go forward continuously, go on, because the whole earth is waiting for the message.

Don’t be afraid. If you feel that you have the right corn flakes for people, go to the market place. Don’t hesitate, gather courage. Because just boxes are being sold, when you have corn flakes in the box that is the only way that those empty boxes can be put out of circulation. There is no other way. Nothing is wrong with it. The marketplace is just a free competition for everything. You have as much chance to win as everybody else.

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