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Chapter 18: Meditation: The Courage to Be Silent and Alone

This is where one should understand a little bit of meditation. Don’t be worried, because that which can disappear is worth disappearing. It is meaningless to cling to it - it is not yours, it is not you. You are the one when the false has gone and the fresh, the innocent, the unpolluted being arises in its place. Nobody else can answer your question “Who am I?” - but you will know it. All meditative techniques are a help to destroy the false. They don’t give you the real - the real cannot be given. That which can be given cannot be real. The real you have got already; just the false has to be taken away.

It can be said in a different way: the master takes away things from you, which you don’t really have, and he gives you that which you really have.

Meditation is just courage to be silent and alone. Slowly, slowly, you start feeling a new quality to yourself, a new aliveness, a new beauty, a new intelligence, which is not borrowed from anybody, which is growing within you. It has roots in your existence. And if you are not a coward, it will come to fruition, to flowering.

Only the brave, the courageous, the people who have guts, can be religious. Not the churchgoers - they are the cowards. Not the Hindus, not the Mohammedans, not the Christians - they are against searching. The same crowd, they are trying to make their false identity more consolidated.

You were born. You have come into the world with life, with consciousness, with tremendous sensitivity. Just look at a small child, look at his eyes, the freshness. All that has been covered by a false personality.

There is no need to be afraid. You can lose only that which has to be lost. And it is good to lose it soon, because the longer it stays, the stronger it becomes. And one does not know anything about tomorrow. Don’t die before realizing your authentic being.

Only those few people who have lived with authentic being and who have died with authentic being are fortunate, because they know that life is eternal, and death is a fiction.

Is sitting silently, doing nothing, watching the grass grow - and maybe falling asleep - really enough?
I once heard you say about Freud that he himself was probably not able to create. Or I heard you say that we create our own lives, our own hells and miseries, and that we are responsible.
If sitting silently really is enough, where do the words effort or discipline come in? Then, if we are doing something, what are we doing? Can we do anything at all, or am I dreaming that I am doing something?
Somewhere I am so tired of it. But then also am I going to end up in a state of lethargy and indifference, in which I cannot see any love or beauty?

The people who have been exploiting humanity have created great philosophies, theologies, disciplines. Without the support of all this philosophical, theological, religious framework, it would be impossible to create the false personality.

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