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Chapter 14: Let It Sink within Your Heart

He was not just joking - he was serious. And he was serious in his search for the authentic man. It is not a question of defining it; it is a question of finding it. You can define it only after you have found him. The man that exists is not authentic.

Yes, my work is similar in a way: I am also searching for the authentic man, destroying all that is not authentic in you, at the risk of being condemned all over the world. But I am not carrying a lamp in my hand because I know that was only a gesture.

I am really working with each individual who has come in contact with me to help him to drop all unnecessary conditionings and to have a communion with nature. To be natural you will be authentic. To be natural you will be human. To be natural you will be a being full of rejoicings.

It is your unnaturalness that is creating the whole misery, and just as money brings more money, misery brings more misery. Whatever you have attracts its own kind. If you have a little joy, you will attract much joy. If you have a little silence, then even from the faraway stars you will be attracting silence, then even in a crowd, in the marketplace you will be attracting silence.

It depends what you have within you; that becomes the gravitation, and it attracts its own kind. Just a little experience and then there is no need to push you; you will go in that direction on your own.

My whole effort is to give you just a glimpse, just to open a window so you can see the sky with all its colors and sunset. And I know you will come out of the hole to see the whole sky, to see the birds returning home, to see the trees going to sleep, preparing their beds.

Right now you have only misery, and that misery goes on attracting more misery. My work is somehow to create a small gap in your miserable existence.just a little window.

Does a natural death also transcend nature?

Nothing transcends nature. Everything goes on becoming more and more natural - deeper and deeper nature, higher and higher nature - but nothing transcends nature, because there is nothing else but nature.

You have to drop the old categories - that there is nature and then there is supernature. What has been called supernature is nothing but the highest peak of being natural. Why create categories - when nature alone is capable of containing all?

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