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Chapter 1: Dropping the Artificial Mind

Fritz Perls, one of the very perceptive men of this century, has said that the whole work of the therapist is nothing but skilful frustration, creating frustration.

What does he mean? He means that unless you are really frustrated with your desires, hopes, expectations, you will not be thrown back to your own being. A real frustration is a great blessing. Suddenly you are, and there is nothing else. The sannyasin said, “I am feeling frustrated. It seems that nothing is happening. I have been doing all sorts of meditations, all sorts of group therapies, and nothing is happening.” That’s the whole point of all meditations and all group therapies: to make you aware that nothing can happen. All has happened already. In deep frustration, your energy moves back to the source. You fall upon yourself.

You will try to create new hope. That’s why people go on changing their therapists, their therapies, their masters, gurus, religions. They go on changing because they say, “Now I am feeling frustrated here; somewhere else, I will again sow new seeds of hope.” Then you will be continuously missing. If you understand, the problem is: how to throw you upon yourself, how to frustrate you in your desires. Of course, it has to be very skilful.

That’s what I am doing here. If you don’t have any desires, first I create them. I give you hope. I say, “Yes, soon something is going to happen’ - because I know that desire is there, but not full-fledged. It is there hiding in a seed form; it has to sprout, it has to flower. And when the desire flowers, those flowers are of frustration.

Then suddenly you drop the whole nonsense, the whole trip. And once you are authentically frustrated - and when I say authentically, really frustrated, I mean that now you don’t start any other hope again; you simply accept it and you return back home - you will start laughing. This is what you were always seeking. And it has always been inside you, but you were too much occupied with seeking.

There is a very beautiful movie called The King of Hearts. The context is the First World War, and the Germans and the English are fighting over a French town. The Germans plant a time-bomb and leave the town, and the French learn about the bomb and they also leave the town.

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