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Chapter 8: A Blissful Milieu

Authority is created by the need to depend. The master is not authoritative, but the disciple may be in search of authority - then he will create the authority. He will create here, he will create there, he will find some way somewhere. The father, the mother, the wife, the husband - you can create your authority anywhere - in a book.. You can create an authority even with a person who goes on denying authority.

For example, J. Krishnamurti. Those who want to depend, they depend on J. Krishnamurti too. He may say, “I am not an authority, and there is no need for any authority, there is no need for any master” - but still there are followers, and very adamant followers. That is your need; you will fulfill it somewhere, or somewhere else. But a master is not an authority. A master does not enforce any structure on you, he does not give you any discipline, he only gives you eyes to see your path. He gives you a clarity - not particular instructions, but just a clarity. He hits you hard on the head, he makes you alert.

It happened in a house, in the middle of the night the house caught fire. The whole house was burning, and the master of the house was fast asleep, drunk. Everybody escaped except the master. Then the neighbors realized that he would not be able to come out because he was so drunk - he was always drunk in the night. So a few people rushed in - it was risky - and they started dragging him out. But he was drunk and fast asleep and he was heavy and it was difficult to take him out of the window. And that was the only possibility to take him out - the door was burning. They tried from one window, they tried from another window, and it was becoming more and more difficult.

Then one wise old man said, “Hit him hard on the head! Wake him. Then he will find the way to get out; then we need not worry.” And they hit him hard on the head and he opened his eyes and they all jumped from the window and he also jumped from the window.

A master simply hits you hard to make you aware. Then your awareness will do everything. He simply helps you to come out of your sleep, out of your somnambulism. He is not an authority - he does not say, “Go right and then move left and then..” A master never gives particular details. He cannot, in the very nature of things, because this type of disciple has never been there before; nobody knows into what kind of flower he is going to grow, what his destiny is.

And if you find somebody giving you particular instructions, avoid him. Then he is not a master. Then escape from him, he will destroy you - he has a certain image, he will create that image in you. He does not care about you, he does not love you, he has no compassion. He has a certain idea that he wants to implant: you are just a victim, you are just an opportunity for him to work out whether his idea, his ideal, can become a reality or not. You are just a canvas and he wants to paint his picture on you, you are just a block of stone and he wants to sculpt a statue that he is carrying in his head. Then he is not a master.

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