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Chapter 5: You Cannot Annoy a Mystic

And God said, “This is nothing - because I am life, I am creative force. I am not a destroyer, I am a creator. So even when my fire is there, the bush is not burning. I cannot burn; I can only heal. I cannot wound; I can only heal.”

When Moses was coming back with the message God gave him, he was afraid, because his people would ask, “By what authority? From where have you brought these ten commandments? Who are you to force these ten commandments over our heads? What is your authority?”

Moses was a little more legal than Jesus. Jesus himself says, “Moses gave you the law; I give you love.” Love has something in it which is always beyond law. And if your love is legal, it is not love. “Moses gave you the law. I give you love. Moses gave you the commandments, the outer morality; I give you the inner source of all morality,” says Jesus.

Moses must have been a legal mind. He was. He asked, “People will ask, ‘From whom do you bring these commandments?’”

And do you know what God said? God said, “Tell them it is from I.”

Moses asked, “Who are you, what is your name? They will ask your name.”

And God said, “Tell them, I am that I am.”

What does this mean, “I am that I am”? It means: “I am not talking from the outside, I am talking from the inside. I am your deepest am-ness. I am your deepest I. When the superficial I disappears, you will come to know me within yourself.” All authority is from within. And they asked Jesus: “By what authority doest thou these things?” And who gave this authority to you? Jesus didn’t answer. Many times it seems Jesus got into trouble by not answering. But there are things which cannot be answered. On the last day of his life, Pontius Pilate asked, “What is truth?” and he remained silent, because silence is truth and truth is silence. But the governor-general could not understand it.

Governor-generals are almost always stupid people, otherwise why should they be governor-generals? Politicians are almost always mediocre people, otherwise why should they waste their lives in politics? Much more is available, and they waste their lives just in competition, they are just on the ego trip.

If Jesus had said something, he may have understood, at least he may have thought that he understood. Jesus remained silent. He could not understand that. He must have thought, “This man is insulting me by not answering.”

The priest asked him: “By what authority doest thou these things?” Who has given you the authority? - and Jesus remained silent again. Because there are things which cannot be answered.

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