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Chapter 17: You Just Need a Little Courage

The gap between the old people and the new generation is widening every day. The gap is widening, but your conditioning is done by the older generation: your parents, your teachers, your priests. So now you are in a situation where you have to find new priests, new father figures, and that is being fulfilled by the psychologists of different schools.

One of the functions here in our university is to destroy this role. The therapists have to be aware not to become authoritative. But they can become nonauthoritative only if you are ready to drop the idea of authority.

So it depends on both the therapist and the people who are participating in the therapy. The persons who are participating should drop the father figure, they should drop the idea of any authority. They will help the therapist. But if they are all demanding that he become an authority, a father figure, then it will be difficult for him to drop it. So both have to become aware of it.

At least in my communes, therapies are not going to replace priesthoods. My therapists are simply experts who can help you to sort out problems, problems which you cannot sort out yourself, problems which are too heavy on you. An outsider who knows the expertise of analyzing your dreams, of analyzing your behavior, of analyzing your mind, can be of immense help.

But the danger is, you both are human: you want a father figure, and the other person wants to become an authority. You have to be conscious about it. The therapist is just doing his job as the plumber is doing his job, as the electrician is doing his job, as the mechanic is doing his job. They are experts in different fields. He is expert in the field of the machine called mind. He is a mechanic, he can help you.

But both have to be aware - and this will happen, because I am creating every possibility for it. If I can become your friend, that is an indication for all therapists to be just friends. And to be a friend has a beauty of its own. This exploitation will disappear, I will take care that it disappears. At least in my communes nobody can be exploited and nothing of the old can be perpetuated again with new labels. Old wine in new bottles will not be allowed while I am here.

It is good that you brought it to my notice. Anything that you feel, bring it to my notice, so whatsoever is needed can be done.