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Chapter 20: Health: Overflowing Energy of Life

Autogenic training can be helpful for physical relaxation; it can also be helpful to enter into meditation. First use the mind to relax the body, and then finally say to the mind, “Now you relax. I am here to take care; you just relax.”

When the mind also relaxes and there is no mind, no thought, but absolute serenity, silence, a tremendous blissfulness arises in you. Meditation is the ultimate.

Autogenic training is just the beginning, but it is not bad - it is perfectly good. And it is a good sign that medical doctors all over the West have accepted autogenic training. That is a good sign. Sooner or later they will have to accept meditation too.

Can a person who carries the AIDS virus be healed?


What does holistic health mean?

Man can be divided, just for this explanation, into three parts: the body, the mind, the soul. If all the three are perfectly in tune and there is a well-being in all the three, it becomes one well-being of the total organism - from the physical, psychological, to the spiritual. Then it is holistic health. The whole of your being has to be healthy.

There are people with healthy bodies like Muhammad Ali, but these people don’t have any sense of something beyond mind. They have trained their bodies; their bodies are perfect animals. Their minds are not so evolved. No Bertrand Russell will be ready for boxing; the whole idea is ugly, it is barbarous. Their bodies are in health, and strong, but just like animals. Their minds are very retarded; otherwise they would not be in such an ugly and violent profession.

There is no question of their being meditative or their being in touch with the beyond. The holistic person is whole, undivided, one.

His zorba and his buddha have become one.

His hedonism and spiritualism have become one.