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Chapter 29: Therapy, Hypnosis and Meditation

These were the dangers that Christianity exaggerated, saying that this is against religion, against morality because a woman can be raped and she will not know, or a woman can be told, “You have fallen in love with me,” and a great romance will begin from the moment she wakes up. She will feel a little hesitant because her conscious mind will not understand what has happened, but there is no communication between the conscious mind and the unconscious. The unconscious is so powerful - nine times more powerful - that when the unconscious wants to do something, the conscious may start protesting but that protest is futile.

All these things were spread, wildly exaggerated, among man. But the purpose of the church was not to save you from these dangers. The purpose was that hypnosis should become so condemned that nobody could enter from that door into the ultimate realm of satyam shivam sundaram.

Christianity kept people completely ignorant about another kind of hypnosis; that is self-hypnosis, not hetero-hypnosis. Only hetero-hypnosis can be misused; autohypnosis or self-hypnosis cannot be misused. There is nobody.You are alone.

You can do the same thing by yourself. You can put an alarm clock on, and then repeat three times that within fifteen minutes, when the alarm goes off, you will come back from your deep hypnotic sleep. And then the procedure is the same.

You look at the light, and you do what the hetero-hypnotist was doing. Looking at the light, you go on repeating inside, “My eyes are becoming heavy, heavy.heavier, heavier. I am falling into sleep. I cannot keep my eyes open anymore; I am trying my best, but it is impossible” - and it also takes exactly three minutes. That is the maximum; it may happen in two minutes, it may happen in one minute, but the longer you struggle, the deeper will be the hypnosis.

I have heard about a man, an old man, who was torturing his family. Every day he would figure out how many diseases he had. The doctors were tired; they said he had no diseases. He listened to the medical program on the television and learned the names of the diseases. Then he started torturing the family, “I am suffering from this, I am suffering from that. Nobody is taking care of me.” This was simply a way for an old man to attract attention.

Nobody gives attention to old people, so they find their own ways. They become more irritable, more angry, more fussy. They have their own techniques to attract attention. Their whole lives they were nourished by attention, but now nobody looks at them, nobody even bothers whether they exist or are finished..

Jagjit Singh, an Indian singer, who loves me, tells a beautiful joke.

One of his friends who lives in London had come, so he asked him, “How are you?”

He replied, “All right.”

Jagjit Singh said, “And how is your wife?”

He replied, “She is also all right.”

“And how are your children?”

“They are also all right.”

Jagjit Singh finally asked, “And what about Daddy?”

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