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Chapter 23: Life Is a Blessing

I have tried almost all the best watches in the world that are automatic, but on my hand they don’t go even for three hours. From the moment I put them on my hand, within five or ten minutes they stop, because everything is so silent. And unless I have to move my hands.and that is only when I am speaking to you - otherwise my hands are in complete relaxation with my body.

Finally they said that no automatic watch is going to work on me so I have to use either a winding watch, which is an older version, or a quartz watch which runs on a battery.

Brahma Yogi proved beyond doubt to almost all the experts of the world that symptoms of life are only outer. The life source can remain so still inside that you don’t have any way to find it from the outside. Only the person who is alive knows its beauty, its luminosity, its blissfulness. But those are not the things that any stethoscope will be able to catch - blessings, blissfulness, ecstasy. There is no instrument to find them.

If life can be dissociated from symptoms - Brahma Yogi never said this, I am saying it - then the other possibility also becomes a reality. It may be that millions of people are only suffering from symptoms of life; inside there is nothing. Just like a robot, they have a physiology, a biology, a chemistry, a brain which has an inbuilt program to go on running for seventy years. It will go on running.

You will be surprised to know that even in the grave, hair goes on growing, nails go on growing, because their inbuilt process is such that it does not need life at all. If you dig up a grave, you are going to be amazed: the man’s hair has become very long, his nails have become very long. You may freak out: “Is this man really dead or has he befooled us?”

But the world is full of corpses going all around - corpses because they are afraid of life. And why are they afraid of life? They are afraid because if they enter the stream of life, finally they will have to face death. But their logic is absolutely absurd.

The experience of all those in the whole history of mankind who have lived totally and intensely, who have burned their life’s torch from both the ends together, is that they never came across death. They were so alive that a great transformation happens at the moment of death. They don’t die, they don’t become unconscious. They simply move either in a new form of life, or if they have become so awakened that there is no need for any other form, they move into the formless universe. The whole universe becomes their body and their being. That is the ultimate peak that you are capable of. But if you are afraid of life, then it is very difficult.

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