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Chapter 5: Rebellion as Religion

Yesterday you were speaking to us about various people asking you if you were an avatara, a tirthankara, a paigambara, etcetera. Is there anything more that you wish to say to us?

Yes, there are a few things. I would not like to be put in the company of these people called messiahs, paigambaras, avataras, tirthankaras. I am just an ordinary man, and I feel their company is disgusting.

Let me give you a few examples: Hindus believe that Parasurama is one of the incarnations of God. Parasurama murdered his mother because his father was suspicious..

In fact, almost every husband is suspicious of the wife, every wife is suspicious of the husband. The very phenomenon of marriage exists because you cannot trust, hence you have to bring the law between you. Otherwise, love would be enough.

But nobody trusts love, and there is reason not to trust it. A real roseflower flowers, spreads its fragrance and dies. Only a plastic roseflower is not born, never dies. Love, to be real - you have to understand - one day it arises, blossoms, flowers, but it is nothing eternal. It fades, it disappears, it dies. You cannot trust it.

You have to bring law, instead of love, between you. Law is a plastic thing. That’s what marriage is: love become plastic. Now you can rest assured the law will prevail. Love will die sooner than it would have died if there was no marriage. But you will go on pretending that it is there, hence the suspicion.

True lovers will understand it - that there was something tremendously beautiful: it fulfilled them, it transported them to another dimension, but now it is gone. They will be grateful to each other. They will not quarrel. They have given to each other a few moments of eternity - they will remember those moments, but they will not have any grudge. And they will depart as friends, tremendously grateful to each other.

While love is there, everything is right. When love is not there, everything is ugly. A husband living with a wife whom he does not love, a wife sleeping with her husband whom she does not love, what are they doing? Is it not prostitution? The whole institution of marriage is nothing but the legalization of prostitution..

Naturally, Parasurama’s father was suspicious: his wife was immensely beautiful. He ordered Parasurama to behead her. While she was sleeping one night, he told him, “Go and cut off her head.” And Parasurama - just to follow the father’s order, because that is what Hindus call a great religious quality: obedience - he cut off the head of his mother. He is respected as an incarnation of God.

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