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Chapter 4: The Three Jeweled Rings

And tomorrow never comes. Whatsoever comes is always today. It is always now. If something has to happen, it has to happen now, now or never! Remember these two words: now or never. You have to enter into reality now, because now is the only time, and here is the only place. If you think “there against here”, and “then against now”, then you will be simply imagining. You will play beautiful games but they will all be dreams.

You have to avoid these three things: you have to avoid the imaginary because he lives in utopias; you have to avoid the intellectual because he looks intelligent but is not; you have to avoid the common, mediocre mass, because it believes it has found. If you avoid these three, then the key is with you.

Watch the key. You are the key! All that you need is given to you. Everything is provided. Watch your consciousness, become a witness to your mind. Without any contention, without any prejudice for or against, just go on watching from a state of innocence, and suddenly you will find the door has opened. In fact the door has always been open, you were just not open to it.

The door has remained open from the very beginning. It has never been closed. Why should it be closed? God wants you to enter into it. Since the day of Adam in the Garden of Eden the door has remained open, in a kind of waiting, and God has been searching for you and asking, “Adam, where are you?” And you are hiding behind this bush or that.

And these are the three bushes; avoid these three bushes.

Face your God, because your God is your innermost being. Face the reality. He is within, he is without. All that is needed is just a mind which is not prejudiced, which is not obsessed with any conception, with any philosophy, with any religion.

A silent mind is needed.and the door is open.

Enough for today