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Chapter 18: Sailing in Rough Waters

A mother has attained to the peak. It is as if the husband, the lover, was just a means to become a mother. Look at the difference: a woman is seeking to become a mother, waiting to become a mother; the husband, the lover, is just a means. For a husband children are not the goal; the man is seeking a woman to love, a beloved, and if children happen they are simply accidents. He has to tolerate them; they are by the side of the road, they are not the goal where the road ends.

This will make a difference when one moves on the path toward godliness. The question has arisen again and again. Thousands of women became interested in Buddha, and they wanted to enter on the path, they wanted to be initiated, but Buddha resisted, Buddha tried to avoid it. The reason was that the method was basically male-oriented, and to allow women would corrupt the whole scheme. But he had to yield because he was a man of compassion. And when thousands of women came again and again to be initiated, he yielded, but he said very sadly, “My religion was going to be a living force for five thousand years. Now it will only be a living force for five hundred years.” Because the opposite had entered, now everything would be a chaos. And this is how it happened: Buddhism disappeared from India within five hundred years. It could not remain a living force, because when a woman enters, many problems enter with her: she brings her womanhood in, and the method is basically for the male.

If you can understand Buddha’s standpoint, Jesus will look more compassionate. Then you will not think him a male chauvinist, he was not; he was not for man, against woman. And his method, which the church has completely lost, can be used by both. And the man who raised the question is the man who created the church. Simon Peter is the man who created the whole church, Christianity, and of course he should be the first to raise the question.

Simon Peter said to them:
Let Mary go out from among us, because women are not worthy of the life.

The church has remained anti-women: monasteries have existed where men have not allowed any women to enter; woman seems to be the root cause of evil. The stranger always seems to be evil because you cannot understand. If you can understand then something can be done. Woman remains the mysterious, and once a woman enters into your life she starts dominating you. And her domination is so subtle, you cannot rebel against it.

Man has always been afraid of this, so those who are in search of some secret in nature or in God would like to avoid woman, because once she comes, she starts to dominate everything. And she wants your total attention: she would not like God to be there as a competitor, she would not like the truth to be there as a competitor; she will not allow any competitor, she is jealous. So if somebody is seeking it is better to avoid women.

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