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Chapter 34: Only a Question of Awareness

There is no such thing as evil. Existence is simply good. Existence is pure innocence.

Yes, it is a very complex phenomenon. You can put things upside down, you can make your life disturbed, retarded, but it is not evil. It is only human to err. And to understand every mistake with deep alertness, so that it is never committed again. To commit mistakes is good - that is the only way one grows, learns, matures. But to commit the same mistake again and again is stupid. That too is not evil; it is unintelligent.

Kahlil Gibran says:

You are good when you are fully awake in your speech.

Something about speech has to be understood. There is a certain harmony between your thought, between your speech and between your action. Speech is just in the middle. Before speech is thought - thought is words unspoken, still in the womb.

When thoughts are born into the world they become speech, and if your thought and speech are harmonious they will still go one step more, and that will be action. And when all these three are together, not against each other - only in your awareness is it possible that whatever you think you say, and whatever you say you act. Your action is your innermost thought brought into full daylight, before the world. It is exposing your heart.

Speech is the medium between thought and action. That’s why he has chosen speech - that if you are fully awake in your speech you are good - because if you are awake in your speech you will need to be awake in your thought, because thought is potentially speech. It is just on the verge, the word is just on your lips. You cannot be aware about your speech if you are not aware of your thoughts. And if you are aware of your speech, you will be aware of your action too.

Action and thought are almost like two wings. Speech is exactly the middle part. And one who is standing in the middle, fully awake, can see on both sides; he can see inside where thought arises and he can see outside where action is born.

You are good when you are fully awake in your speech, in your thought, in your action. This is the greatest criterion ever given to man by all the mystics of the world: awareness of all that goes on inside the mind, of all that goes on in your words, and of all that becomes action - it is good. Ordinarily people think they have been forced to think that good or bad are qualities of things - that there are good things and there are bad things. That’s not right; good and bad have nothing to do with things.

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