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Chapter 5: Bound in Deep Togetherness

And he said, “I was also thinking what is the matter - because I am feeling very tired! Now I know what is the matter.” When he saw the walking stick on the bed resting, then he realized.

And these people have created great systems of thought, and they talk about God and they talk about truth and they talk about love and they talk about beauty. and they define what is virtue and what is sin. So unconscious!

In the East we have a totally different approach. You cannot think such a phenomenon with a Gautam Buddha or with an Upanishadic seer, because the whole approach is of being more and more conscious. One has to be a flame of consciousness, one has to be alert and aware. On one hand is Immanuel Kant, on other hand is Gautam Buddha.

His chief disciple Ananda, who lived with him for forty years and served him with great love.He used to watch him in every possible way, because he was continuously following him like a shadow, and each of his movements was beautiful, it was a grace. He was also watching him when he was asleep. because he used to sleep in the same room in case the master needs him in the night, he used to watch him while he was asleep. Awake or asleep, his grace was the same, his beauty was the same, his silence was the same.

One day he asked Buddha that, “I should not ask such questions - it looks so stupid - but I cannot contain my curiosity. You sleep, but I have watched you for hours. Sometimes in the middle of the night I wake up and watch you, sometimes just before you get up early in the morning I watch you, but my experience has been such that it seems to me that you are still awake even while asleep. You look so alive, so fresh! And one thing more - you never change your posture. You go to sleep and you wake up in the same posture. What is the secret of it?”

Buddha said, “There is no secret in it. The body goes to sleep; once you are awake you are awake! - whether it is day or night makes no difference, the inner flame goes on burning. The body goes to sleep because the body gets tired, and now there is no mind any more so no question of the mind arises at all.”

There are only two things. In the unenlightened person there are three things: the body, the mind, the soul. And because of the mind he cannot see the soul. The mind is a turmoil, a chaos; it is all smoke, it is all clouds. The enlightened has no mind; there is only silence. So he has the body and he has the soul. The body tires, needs rest, but the soul is never tired, needs no rest; it is always awake. The body is always asleep and the soul is always awake. The nature of body is to be unconscious and the nature of the soul is to be conscious. These are intrinsic qualities. Once the mind is no more there, then even in your sleep only the body sleeps, not you.

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