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Chapter 15: The Long Journey Can Be Cut Short

“You have not been with a master. You are just doing - in a haphazard way - anything that you may have read somewhere, heard somewhere. But spiritual experience is an organic unity. You need a man who has the vision of the whole before him. He can give you the key from where to start, so you don’t end up with fragments here and there. They will not be of any use. They will be simply deceiving you that you are on the path.”

Practically, the master is an absolute necessity. But remember that the master does not own people. The master is not the master of people; the master is the master of himself.

People are attracted to him because of his mastery. They are not to be enslaved. If anybody is enslaving them - and that is what your so-called religions go on doing - then that man is pseudo, and he is going to destroy you rather than create a new man in you.

So this is the basic indication of who a master is: he does not enslave you. On the contrary he gives you total freedom. And if you choose to do something, you choose. It is not being forced upon you, it is your choice.

The master can make things available to you, but the choice is always yours. And the master will not have any kind of superiority over you. His emphasis will be continuously, “I am just a human being - not a prophet, not a messiah, not a savior of humanity. I am just a human being as you are. If there is any difference, it is very little. The difference is that I am awake and you are still asleep.”

But the very phenomenon that you are asleep is an indication that you can be awake. A dead man is not asleep, so he cannot be awake. Being asleep or being awake is the same energy.

The perfect master convinces you that you are as capable as he is of having all the experiences that can uplift you from the ordinary, mundane world into a spiritual paradise, herenow.