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Chapter 5: The Oasis of Your Awareness

So those who come here just as outsiders will simply see demolishing, will simply see undoing, will simply see that people are being destroyed, mind-washed, hypnotized - and they will see all kinds of things, all kinds of negative things. They will not be able to see the positive. For the positive you will have to become part, a participant. You will have to fall en rapport with me. You will have to come within me and you will have to allow me within you; then you will be able to see what a master can do.

If you really want to understand it, then become a disciple! Then come closer to a master. And I am not saying to come closer to me, but any master! Go and find your master, but come closer. Understanding one master, you will have understood all masters, past, present and future, because the work is the same. The work is to destroy the disciple so much so that the disciple disappears as a disciple and appears as a master in his own right. That’s what a master can do: he can make you a master.

The third question:

Listening to you, drinking you so deeply every day, I am getting ridiculously intoxicated. I feel ready to quit my secure and maddening job and face an unknown future. But I have been drunk before and always woke up with a hangover and had the same old problems to deal with. Is it possible I could wake up one day and be left with just a hangover from you?

Ananda Buddha, this is a totally different kind of intoxication. It is so different that I can say to you that you are absolutely inexperienced about it.

Being intoxicated with me does not make you fall asleep, so you cannot wake up some day with a hangover. It makes you fall awake, so there is no question of waking up sometime with a hangover. Being with me is the awakening. What other awakening are you talking about?

This intoxicant drowns you only as far as the ego is concerned, but not your consciousness. It drowns you only as far as the personality is concerned, but not the individuality. It helps you to wake up from the personality and to wake up in the individuality. Right now you are asleep about your individuality and you are awake in your personality.

Let us say it in this way: you have fallen asleep and you are seeing a dream. In the dream you are awake - you are going to the market to purchase a few things, for shopping or something. In the dream you are awake. If in the dream you fall asleep, you will be really awake. But in the dream you are awake; really you are fast asleep, you are snoring.

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