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Chapter 5: A Play with the Devil

By creating you here, by creating sannyasins here, I am creating a new kind of space. This is the beginning of a totally new man. Hence the old traditions will be unable to understand what is happening here; they don’t have any criterion. The experiment is so new. Yes, once in a while men like Buddha, Kabir, Krishna, Christ, Zarathustra, have happened in the past, but only individuals. Now only individuals won’t do; only a buddha here and there won’t be of much help. The world has gone too much into hate. The world is so full of hate that it is almost like an ocean of hatred, and a buddha will be just a spoonful of sugar - it won’t change the taste of the ocean. We will need thousands of buddhas.

Hence I am not interested in Christians, I am interested only in christ’s. I am not interested in Jainas, I am interested only in mahaviras. I am not interested in Buddhists, I am interested only in buddhas. My effort here is not to create a following, not to create believers, but to create individuals, lovers, meditators who can stand on their own, and each one can become a light. And we will need.the night is going to become darker and darker every day.we will need millions of lights around the world, millions of people who are capable of love, unconditionally, without asking anything in return, and who are so silent and who are so blissful that wherever they are they will be able to dissipate darkness.

Yes, love is the hope of the world, the only hope.

The second question:

While dreaming, something is constantly telling me that I have to die. I remember no other dreams. What is happening?

Meditate first over this small anecdote..

The young man had been keeping company with a girl for over two years, but still had given no indication of serious intentions.

“I had a strange dream last night,” he remarked one day. “I dreamed I proposed to you. I wonder what that is a sign of?”

“It is a sign that you have got more sense asleep than awake.”

And that’s exactly my answer to you: you have got more sense asleep than awake.

In fact, the whole movement of psychoanalysis is based on this understanding: that people are more intelligent while dreaming than while they are awake. Why has this strange thing happened? People should be more intelligent when they are awake rather than when they are dreaming. There is a reason: the society has impressed your waking mind; it has not yet been able to impress your dreaming mind. The society has destroyed your waking mind, distorted it, polluted it, disfigured it. It is almost unrecognizable now from what it could have been naturally. So much has been pruned, cut, so much has been repressed, so much has been imposed from the outside, that you don’t know what you would have been if society had not interfered with you so much.

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