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Chapter 3: Education: Love-Oriented

But it all depends on the youth. They will have to become rebellious. The burden of a great revolution rests on the shoulders of the youth. Perhaps human history has never before seen such a significant moment when there is such a great responsibility on the youth.

Just think, can this responsibility be taken up by us? If we can take up the responsibility, man can be saved. If not, then things are already too rotten, the matter is over. Then it is just a question of passing on the information, making the announcement that man is dead. It will not be long before all preparations for the death of man are complete. Any time we can be finished. Some fifty thousand atom and hydrogen bombs are ready to destroy the earth. They are far too many for the job they can destroy seven such earths.

What will happen? Even if we kill each person seven times, still we have made more arrangements than needed for it. If just one politician’s mind goes mad and their minds are half-mad any moment he can take down the whole humanity with him.

Who will save it? On whom does the responsibility rest?

You may not have expected that I would talk to you and to your Center about such things. You may have thought I would tell you some methods to pass examinations, to succeed, to get ahead of others, to reach higher positions. No, I will not do that. Enough has been told to you about these things. We are suffering tremendously because of that.

I pray you do not succeed, but that you be real human beings. Success is not a value. I pray you do not reach any positions of power, but that you reach your inner being, where there is something worthwhile. I pray you do not compete with anyone, but awaken the potential of loving your own individuality. I pray that you too can become a brick in the creation of a new culture this is what I wish for you.

I am very grateful to you for having listened to me so silently, with such love. I offer my salutations to that new man that is residing within us all. Please accept my salutations to that god.