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Chapter 26: In Tantra, Forget about Technique

.No, nobody is allowed, because then the whole point is lost. If anybody says he is not to be hit, he has to be thrown out; he is no more a part.

There was one who said he did not want to be hit, even before he received one hit.

No, he has to be hit hard! If next time somebody says that, hit him hard! [laughter]


You said a month ago to me that I was a coward. My point is, I ask myself if you condemn me for that?

[chuckling] No, no, not at all, not at all. You don’t understand my language - and I understand that it is difficult. When I love a person, I call him a coward. Don’t be worried about it. I never condemn anything. But I have to persuade you to do things. If you are a coward, you are a coward. What is the condemnation there? What can you do? Nobody can do anything; one has to accept that one is a coward. And you are a beautiful coward!

There is no condemnation. It is not an evaluation, there is no judgment. If you are doing something that is cowardly, I will say that it is cowardly. I have not said not to do it. I’m saying just to be aware, and in awareness it will disappear. I’m not saying do the opposite and try to be brave. That’s what everybody has been doing their whole lives: trying to be brave and repressing cowardliness, and this and that.

It is not to offend you. It is to awaken you. And I know the day you will understand, you will also say, “The blow was far from hard enough.”


There is a creative side of me that likes to make drama. This morning in the meditation I was rehearsing what to say to you - about twenty-five times - and then I looked at you, and I recognized it to be my heart’s desire. So I opened my heart and you came in. My heart started burning and started sounding the aum, and the dialogue ended, you know.then it became a light and shone up to my third eye, and that triggered it off, and then it was just auming.

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