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Chapter 8: This World Is a School

If you ask me the definition of sannyas, I will say that sannyas is a state of being where death has not happened outside, but has happened inside. One is alive, but one knows death; while living, one is quite aware of death. This is sannyas. One lives, but doesn’t forget death even for a moment: this is sannyas. You know that the dewdrop is just momentary. The world is like the morning star, it will soon disappear. You live, but you are not drunk with life. Then life cannot make you forget the fact of death. You remain awakened, you are aware all the time. Death awakens you. One who is awakened is a sannyasin.

One who is lost in life and is taking the dreams to be true is a worldly person, is a householder. One who is living in dreams, or who is creating dreams in the house, is a householder. But one who gets up from sleep, whose dream is over, who is awakened and is conscious, realizes that over here there is nothing except death.

Any colony, any place of living, is nothing but a graveyard, or a queue waiting to go to the graveyard. The queue is moving towards the graveyard. Someone may be a little ahead and someone may be behind, but all of them are going to the graveyard. The attachment to life is over as soon as one sees this. Losing this attachment is sannyas. Sannyas is not an effort for detachment. Sannyas is not a discipline of detachment. Sannyas is the loss of attachment - where attachment is over. If attachment is not over, then one has to make an effort to attain nonattachment, but that is not sannyas. If attachment is not over, only then one tries to attain nonattachment.

But when attachment is finished, then the empty space left by attachment is nonattachment. Then you become a sannyasin. That is why I tell you that there is no need to go anywhere for sannyas. Wherever you are, if you can open your eyes, if you become a little conscious, then you are able to see things as they are.

One night Mulla Nasruddin was coming home after getting drunk in the bar. He was merrily walking on the road humming a song when he collided with somebody. He lost his temper and shouted, “You fool! If you don’t say sorry within five seconds, then..”

The other person retorted in a louder voice, in a threatening way, “Then?”

Hearing the threatening voice Mulla came to his senses, looked at the man carefully - he looked like the boxer, Mohammed Ali! All his drunkenness disappeared and he said, “Well, if five seconds are not enough, then how much time do you need?”

In this life you also go about as if drunk, humming the song of dreams, and you don’t see things as they are. A hard hit is needed to upset your dreaming mind, only then you can see the empty sky. You will then see that you are surrounded by death. What you consider as life is actually death.

What you consider as happiness is really the mask of misery. What you consider as wealth is only a game of falsehood. In the illusion of money you remained poor. And in the illusion of life you remained unacquainted with real life.and time is passing away, life is passing every minute and your energy is diminishing.

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