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Chapter 15: A Meditator Is a Rain Cloud

There are very few real saints in the world. The only definition of the real saint is that he will not fulfill your expectations, that he does not want you to worship him. He wants you to be awakened. He wants you to be in the same state in which he is. He does not want followers, he does not want worshippers. All that is simply nonsense. He wants people to be awakened so that they can remember their real treasure. It is infinite because it has no limits. And the moment you remember it, it is not just yours. It is something universal.

Gautam Buddha remembered one of his experiences in a past life..

He heard - he had not become awakened up to that moment - he had heard that one awakened man had come and was staying by the side of the river near the village where he lived. Just the very idea had never occurred to him.

The awakened man was almost sixty years old, and in sixty years the idea - even the idea of the awakening - had never occurred to him. He went to see the man just out of curiosity.

The man was certainly an experience, so graceful, so beautiful - in his eyes such depth, in his silence such music, in his words such poetry.

Buddha said, “I touched his feet, not knowing why I was doing it. I had just gone there out of curiosity, but seeing the man something transpired. For the first time I became aware that there is something more to life than I have thought about. This man knows something more than I know. This man has experienced something which I have missed.”

And without thinking, he simply touched his feet. And when he stood up, he was more amazed - the awakened man touched Buddha’s feet. He said, “What are you doing? I am just an ignorant person and you are touching my feet.”

The awakened man said, “To you, you may be ignorant. To me, since I have known myself, nobody is ignorant. My experience is not only mine, it includes the whole universe. And it is only a question of time. Some day you may get the same experience which I have got. I am just touching your feet in advance.”

Gautam Buddha, when he became enlightened, remembered that man’s words: “I am touching your feet in advance. One day you will come to know about it. It does not matter, a few years in this eternity are just like a few seconds. A few lives in this eternity don’t count.”

So when you have the experience, it envelops the whole existence. It is cosmic. It is infinite. And the moment you know it, you laugh at yourself that you have been searching for something which you have never lost, that you have been looking for something which has been always with you, which even if you wanted to lose, you could not lose, it is your very nature.

Every person who has become enlightened, his first act is to laugh at himself.