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Chapter 4: Meditation Is Death and Resurrection

A friend has asked:

Is there is a danger in awakening the kundalini? If so, what is it? And why should the kundalini be awakened if it is dangerous to do so?

There is a good deal of danger involved. Really, there is a danger of losing all that we take to be our life. As we are, we will not remain the same after the kundalini is awakened. Everything will change - everything. Our relationships, our emotions, our world and all that we knew till yesterday will change. Everything that will change is the danger.

If coal is to become diamond, it must die as coal. So the danger is real enough. But it is a danger only for the coal as it is. If it is to become a diamond, it can do so only if it disappears as coal. Perhaps you don’t know that there is no generic difference between a diamond and coal. Essentially they are of the same element. Coal turns into diamonds over a very long period of time. Chemically there is no basic difference between diamonds and coal. But the coal cannot remain coal if it wants to become a diamond. So the coal faces great danger.

In the same way a person faces a danger if he is on his way to finding truth, godliness. He will die as a person. If a river is running to meet the sea, it is facing a great danger. It will disappear, it cannot avoid this.

But what do we mean by danger? It means to disappear. Only those who are prepared to disappear, to die, can go on a journey to truth.

Death does not erase us as completely as meditation does, because death only severs us from one body and joins us with another. You don’t change in death; only your clothes change. You remain as you are. So death is not as great a danger as we all take it to be. Meditation is a greater danger than death, because while death only snatches your clothes away from you, meditation snatches you away from you.

Meditation is absolute death.

In the past, those who knew said that meditation is death, total death. In meditation not only clothes, but everything changes. But if a river wants to become the sea, it has to risk its life. In fact the river does not lose anything when it merges into the sea; it loses nothing at all, it grows to become the sea itself. And when coal turns into a diamond, it loses nothing; it grows to become a diamond. But as long as coal is coal, it is afraid of losing itself. And as long as a river is a river, it is afraid of getting lost. How does it know that on meeting the sea, it will not lose anything, it will turn into sea itself?

Man faces the same danger in relation to meditation. The same friend also asks why one should take the risk if the danger is so obvious. It is necessary to understand this in some depth.

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