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Chapter 5: The Risk Is Worth Taking

You will be surprised to know that your education is against intelligence. Society needs imitators. It wants you to be good in memorizing, not in becoming intelligent. It wants you to become good machines, not beautiful people; efficient machines, but machines all the same. It needs you to function well, but it does not want you to be more conscious. Then you would start saying no to many things; you will not be so obedient.

The society wants yea-sayers. It wants blind people. It does not want you to see because if you see you are bound to be affected by your seeing, you are bound to change your ways. The society wants blind followers.

Hence it is very rare that a person becomes awakened because - the first thing - to become awakened, to be a buddha, means to go away from the collective mind; to become so much an individual, integrated, that even if the whole world is against you you don’t care. You have decided that you will live according to your inner voice.

That is the first step, but a great step, a quantum leap. It is moving into danger, it is risky. You will be creating enemies. And you will be going into a world which is uncharted, a territory of which you know nothing. No maps exist; no maps can exist, in the very nature of things.

Hence it is very rare to find the awakened master. In hundreds of years it happens only once that there is a man like Jesus or Buddha or Lao Tzu. There are thousands of pretenders and they are easily available and they are very cheap. In fact, even if you don’t find them, they will find you. They are constantly searching for followers. Their whole business depends on how many followers they have. Each religion is concerned in having more followers because more followers mean more power.

Just a few days before, the Protestant church of Germany has released a report against me - a big report, eighteen pages! To all the churches the report has been sent. They have been alerted that, “This man is dangerous. And the danger is more so,” says the report, “because this man quotes Jesus. And sometimes he explains Jesus in such a beautiful way that Christians may get hooked by him.”

I am sitting here. I have never been to Germany and I will never be there. What is the fear?

A small commission was made to study all of my books to prepare the report. The commission seems to be a little bit confused. It seems a few people of the commission have become interested.because if you have a little bit of intelligence, even just a little bit of intelligence, how can you avoid seeing that there is something? So they say, “There is something, there seems to be something. And it happens to be very much like Jesus’ teaching. But beware. Jesus has said, ‘False prophets will be coming who will speak like me.’ But Jesus is the only begotten Son of God.”

There is a great fear that if a few people go away from the crowd, the crowd feels reduced, its power lost. So no crowd wants anybody to leave its fold. It will create all kinds of hindrances. And if you want to become enlightened you have to pass all those hurdles created by the society, by the church, by the state, by everybody around you, by your own family.

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