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Chapter 8: Witnessing

You also contain the whole. So no need to go to the I Ching and the hexagrams; rather, go inwards, because finally the I Ching cannot say anything to you, finally you will be the interpreter. If you read tarot cards or the I Ching or use other methods, who will interpret? You will be the interpreter. So finally everything depends on you.

Unless you are awakened no I Ching is going to help. And if you are awakened everything is a hexagram and everything is the I Ching. So don’t waste your time with other things: become awakened. When you are awakened you will see the whole universe written everywhere. In each blade of grass you will find the signature of the divine. And if you can understand a blade of grass you have understood all, root and all.

So don’t deceive yourself. People deceive themselves in millions of ways. They waste their time in millions of ways, hoping that somehow they can enter the temple from some back door. There exists none. There is no back door to the temple, only the front door. You will find many back doors, but they will not lead you to the inner shrine. You will be caught by some charlatan or somebody else.

Back doors don’t exist in existence because existence does not believe in hiding. Look! Everything is so open, the secret is so open. Nothing is hidden, everything is open, you just need eyes to see it, awareness to read it, ability to enjoy it. Everywhere everything is an open secret, nothing whatsoever is hidden from the very beginning. Existence is open, only you are closed. And a closed mind is working with the I Ching - what will you attain out of it? Your own reflections, you will see yourself in it, your own unconscious will be reflected in it.

These methods are just mirrors. They reflect your own unconscious - nothing much. They never give you anything new, they simply reflect you. But you don’t know yourself, that’s why you think something new has been gained, some new knowledge has been gained through them.

I have heard:

The Russian premier, Khrushchev, had gone to Paris and went to see a modern exhibition of paintings. He was an uncultured man, and not in any way aesthetic - had no sense of beauty. He was, in fact, vulgar. But he was invited and he had to go.

Great paintings were shown in the exhibition. He looked at one painting and he said, “I don’t understand. This looks ugly.”

The man who was showing him around, a great critic of art, said, “This is Picasso and it is one of the most beautiful things that has happened in this century, but it needs understanding. It is not so ordinary that anybody can understand it. You have to raise your level of aesthetic feeling, sensitivity; only then will you be able to see what it is.”

They moved on. Khrushchev didn’t feel good. He had never imagined.in fact, in Russia it would have never happened. No critic, no artist would have been so courageous to say that he lacked understanding.

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