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Chapter 3: The Gardener Is the Garden

“And if the son of peace be there,
your peace shall rest upon it:
if not, it shall turn to you again.”

And whatsoever you give, if is accepted, it will be good - because in that deep peace you will be welcomed. If it is not accepted, if the people or the person are hard, very closed, not open at all, and your message - your deep love and peace - is rejected, don’t be worried. That peace will fall upon you. You will be showered by it, and it will still be good. Nothing will be lost.

“He that heareth you,heareth me;
and he that despiseth youdespiseth me
and he that despiseth me
despiseth him that sent me.”

Jesus says to his disciples, “If people love you, they love me, because I am coming to them through you. And if they love me, they love that who has sent me because he has come through me. If they hate you, they hate me. If they hate me, they hate the source of all life.”

Remember: whatsoever you do, finally you do it to God. Meanwhile you may be doing it to somebody else, but finally it turns out that you have done it to God. If you hate a man, ultimately you hate God; if you love, ultimately you love God. All others are just mediums. Whatsoever you do to them is not to them; it is finally to the source, to the very seed.

And the seventy returned again with joy,
saying,“Lord, even the devils
are subject unto us through thy name.”

And he said unto them.

“Notwithstanding in this rejoice not,
that the spirits are subject unto you;
but rather rejoice, because
your names are written in heaven.”

The disciples are disciples; they are not yet awakened. They have come in deep contact with an awakened man. That awakened man has become infectious to them, they are deeply impressed, the impact has gone to their roots - but they are still disciples, they are not awakened themselves.

So when they came back they were very happy. In their happiness, they had completely forgotten God - because wherever they went people listened to them with tremendous attention, wherever they went they were received with love. They could not believe what had happened. They came back rejoicing and saying, “Lord, even the devils are subject unto us through thy name.”

Their reach is only up as far as Jesus. They have not yet seen God through him. Jesus is not yet transparent to them; they cannot see God. At the most they see God reflected, at the most they feel something of the unknown, but it has not become a settled, centered feeling in them.