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Chapter 4: Trust

So when the mind talks about power, it talks about politics, it talks about domination, it talks about possessiveness; it talks about increasing your empire of riches, of power, of prestige, in whatever way, so you can become a dominant figure.

But the power that the awakened one talks about is not power over others. He talks about it as an intrinsic explosion, just like the atomic explosion. It is not the power that is coming from outside; it is the power that was deep inside the atomic cell. Because the atom has exploded, the power is all over the place.

A very strange piece of information has come to me just the other day.a Japanese scientist had been continuously watching, studying the effects of atomic energy and its radiation in and around Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Forty years have passed since the atomic explosion happened there, when the atom bomb was dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

This one scientist really risked his life; nobody goes to Hiroshima because everything is full of radiation, but he went and lived there for a few weeks, just to see what effect the radiation would have. And when he came back he brought a great surprise to his fellow scientists. He looked ten years younger, and healthier than he had ever been.

They were all surprised, because nobody had thought.it had always been thought that radiation will kill, but he has discovered that radiation will kill only in a certain great quantity. It is a question of degrees. In small quantities it can help to destroy disease, to give man a longer life, to keep him young until his death. Now he has prepared a small ceramic paper, with a very small dose of radiation coming out of it. He thinks that keeping that in your room will be enough for you to remain healthy and younger!

I have always been saying that energy is neutral: that which can destroy, can also create; we just have to discover how it destroys and how it creates.

This Japanese scientist has done a tremendous service to the coming humanity. It means that if the nations are willing, and if their stupid politicians don’t hinder it, then all the atomic energy and nuclear weapons that they have gathered can be brought to the service of life - to bring more health to the world, to dispel illness, to dispel hunger, to dispel old age, to make man live longer and remain younger.

The power of the atomic bomb is not power coming from outside; it is the power of the atom which was dormant, sleeping, and has been awakened. If this is possible through the atom - which is part of electricity, just a small particle - what is possible if we can explode the living being of a man? A small particle of his consciousness, if it explodes, is going to bring so much light and so much power.

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