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Chapter 36: Wake Up and You Are It

When you speak about the many states on the way to enlightenment I am not even able to see where I am on the way. I always think I must be thousands of lifetimes away from the highest state. On the other hand, you are saying that it can happen now and here, for all of us. I cannot imagine that a quick change can be possible - from a state of unawareness like my own, to a state of total consciousness. In my reality I often see myself as an idiot, very stupid. I do have a taste of understanding, especially through your so-called contradictions, but this understanding creates in me even more absurdities. For example: “The highest freedom is in the highest slavery.”

I am totally confused - and at the same time, I am not. Even when I say that I don’t believe in the unexpected happening here and now, I don’t believe in my believing, because it might be just the tricky mind which has carried the memory of your saying that enlightenment is the only thing that cannot be desired.

So I am here, just enjoying, grateful for your being and your words. To be one of so many people in the world to be allowed to sit by the feet of the most beautiful man in the world gives me the insight that existence takes so much care of me that I cannot really be an idiot; at least I must be a blessed fool.

Please help me to know a little bit who I am.

A man asleep can dream himself anywhere in the universe. From that point, to be awake will look thousands of lives away. But it is a dream; as far as the real sleep is concerned, awakening is just close by. Any moment you can wake up. Any situation can make you awake.

The master’s work is to create devices in which you can become awake. Sometimes very small things - just throwing cold water in your eyes will make you awake. Asleep, you were so far away, but when you wake up you will see that it was a dream that created the distance. Dreaming is the distance. Of course for dreaming, sleep is necessary, but the moment you are awake sleep disappears, and with it the whole world of dreams too.

The truth is that awakening is the nearest reality to you, just by the side of you. It is not far away; hence it cannot be made a goal. All goals are dreaming, all achievements are dreaming. Awakening cannot be a goal because the man who is asleep cannot even think of what awakening can be. In his sleep, he cannot make a goal of enlightenment - it is impossible. Or whatever he makes will be totally different from the reality of enlightenment. Enlightenment is part of your waking consciousness.

In the East we have divided consciousness into four layers. The first that we know is so-called wakefulness. It is not really wakeful, because just underneath it dreams are floating. Close your eyes and you will have a daydream. Close your eyes and you will immediately see - imagination takes over, and you start going away from this moment, from here. In reality you are going nowhere, but in your mind you can go anywhere.

So the first state is the so-called waking state; the second state is called sleep. We are aware of these.

The third is called the dreaming state, because sleep can be without dreaming; then it has a different quality. It is very peaceful, very silent, dark and deep.very rejuvenating.

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