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Chapter 13: Make It Your Only Longing

Soyam atmadhyaksaram, onkaro’dhimatram
Pada matra, matras ca pada
Akara ukaro makara iti.
Jagarita-sthano vaisvanaro’karah
Prathama matra apter adimattva
Dva, apnoti ha vai.
Sarvan kaman, adis ca bhavati,
Yaevam veda.

Svapna-sthanas taijasa ukaro
Dvitiya matra utkarsadu-
Bhayatvad va utkarsati ha vai
Jnana-santati, samanas ca bhavati
Nasyabrahma-vit kule bhavati
Ya evam veda.

Susupta-sthanah prajno
Makaras trtiya matra
Miter apiter ba, minoti ha va
Idam sarvam, apitas ca bhavati
Ya evam veda.
Amatras caturtho’vyavaharyah
Prapancopasamah, sivodvaita
Evam omkara atmaiva
Ya evam veda, ya evam veda.

This pure self and aum are as one;
And the different quarters of the self
Correspond to aum and its sounds, a-u-m.
Experience of the outer world corresponds to a,
The first sound.
This initiates action and achievement.
Whoever awakens to this acts in freedom and
Achieves success.

Experience of the inner world corresponds to u,
The second sound.
This initiates upholding and unification.
Whoever awakens to this upholds the tradition
Of knowledge and unifies the diversities of life.
Everything that comes along speaks to him of

The state of dreamless sleep corresponds to m,
The third sound.
This initiates measurement and merging.
Whoever awakens to this merges with the world
And has the measure of all things.

The pure self alone,
That which is indivisible,
Which cannot be described,
The supreme good,
The one without a second,
That corresponds to the wholeness of aum.
Whoever awakens to that becomes the self.

Purnat purnamudachyate
Purnasya purnamadaya
Purnameva vashisyate.

The Sanskrit language is the most ancient language in the world, hence it has a certain beauty, a certain flexibility, a certain poetry which has disappeared in the modern languages. The modern languages are scientific; they are closer to prose, mathematics logic. The modern languages insist on definite meanings, hence they are not flexible; they are solid blocks with clear-cut definitions.

The Sanskrit words have many meanings. Each word is a rainbow, a whole spectrum of meanings. Hence there is much scope to interpret in different ways, on different planes. So each Sanskrit word can be defined in many ways, multi-dimensionally.

This fundamental sutra, the beej mantra -

Purnat purnamudachyate
Purnasya purnamadaya
Purnameva vashisyate.

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