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Chapter 16: Recognizing the Master

Can you say something about recognition? Why do we take you for granted? Why will we, your disciples, not recognize you until your crucifixion? When you said that, it was like a sword through me.

Sudha, the recognition of a master depends on your becoming more conscious, more aware, more alert. Coming out of your sleep, coming out of your dreams and thoughts, in an absolutely silent mind, the recognition happens - because the master is silence.

The master is awareness.

The master is love.

The master is not a person but a presence. The person died the day enlightenment happened. After enlightenment, there is no person as such but only a presence, a light. You can recognize it only if you have some of the qualities: love, awareness, compassion, consciousness - just a small window. Not that you have to be perfectly awakened - then, certainly you will recognize, but then recognition is of no use. Recognition is of use when you are on the path moving towards the unknown, not knowing exactly whether there is something ahead of you or you just have fallen victim to some fallacious philosophy.

The recognition of the master will help you in spite of your doubts, in spite of your uncertainties, in spite of your ups and downs. The recognition of the master will keep you on the path because you know - it happens, and if it can happen to somebody else, there is no reason why it cannot happen to you.

Every human being has an equal possibility of becoming enlightened. That is true communism. Only enlightened people can be really communist. The unenlightened is always thinking himself superior to somebody, inferior to somebody. He is always struggling to go forward, to be the first in the race, to reach the highest glory on this earth of money, of power, of prestige.

But if you are not aware and alert, if you have not yet experienced the love that is no longer part of biology, then there is only one way you can recognize the master and that is when he is crucified.

His crucifixion is bound to wake you up, at least for a moment. And in that very moment will be the recognition - and a tremendous feeling of loss, because when the master was alive, you remained asleep. Now the master is no more, and because of his death.the shock is so much that it awakens you for a moment. But even that single moment is like when lightening suddenly happens on a dark night, and you see the whole scene.

I know it hurts to think that the master you have loved can be crucified. But remember one thing which has not been discussed in the past two thousand years; even Christians have not discussed it, although their master was crucified. Neither in the Greek tradition after Socrates have his disciples ever conceived of what I am going to tell you:

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