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Chapter 13: Mind Is the Bondage

He called the professor, the professor came in. And I just invented two fictitious names of psychologists and two fictitious names of books which have never been written and will never be written. And I asked the professor, “Have you read these books?”

He said, “My God, how have you found out? They are on my desk in my room. I have been reading them; they are the latest contribution.”

And I told the vice-chancellor, “Both these names are fictitious, both these books are fictitious; they don’t exist. Now tell this man to bring those two books into your office. They are lying on his table.”

Then he became afraid. From where was he going to get those two books which are fictitious? And he had said they were lying on his table, he was reading them, and they were great.

I said, “This is the situation: these are the people who are teaching and their students will become professors tomorrow. And they will continue fifty-year-old, rotten experiments which have failed and have been replaced by new ideologies.”

The vice-chancellor said, “I concede to you.” And he made it a compulsory rule that every professor had to go to the library, study the latest journals, books, magazines and be up-to-date.

Professors were angry, they were all angry at me. But I said, “Anger is not going to help. I am checking every day in the library, who is coming and who is not coming. For those who are not coming, I will bring a procession of protest of all the students to their department. Then don’t tell me, ‘You are creating chaos.’ You are the cause of it!”

The librarian was surprised. All the professors were coming, reading, taking books home. But the day I left the university, I was informed, the rule was removed. After seven or eight years, I went to that university to deliver a lecture. I went to the library. The same librarian was still there and the library was empty. There was nobody. I asked him, “What happened?”

“Those professors no longer come,” he said. “The day you left the university, the rule was removed; it was just out of fear that you might create trouble. Even the vice-chancellor had started coming to the library. Now nobody comes.”

People go on creating delusions, magnifying them, exaggerating them. Bodhidharma says greed is the father of the buddhas and delusion is the mother.

Delusion and greed are different names for mortality.

When you are deluded, you are on this shore. When you are aware, you are on the other shore.

These are only symbolic ways of saying you are here.deluded, you are in misery; aware, you are in blissfulness.