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Chapter 6: The Secrets of Spiritual Explosion

Someone has insulted you: now you will change - you cannot remain the same. You will have to change. On the periphery, the same face will not do. Someone has insulted you: the face has become irrelevant, you will have to change the face totally. Now be aware of what is happening inside. You will have to go to the center, again come back to the periphery - and then you can change your face. So when someone insults you, meditate inside. Go in. He has given a point of change.

Tantra has used intoxicants for this awareness of changing states. They will go on giving you an intoxicant, and the teacher will say: “Be aware of the gap. Up to that moment you were aware, and now you are losing awareness. So be aware of the moment when you change from consciousness toward unconsciousness. Be aware of the moment when you change.” One is always changing, and if one becomes aware of this changing moment, one becomes aware of the center.

A Zen master will throw you out of the window and shout from behind: “Be aware!” You have been thrown out, you are in between, you are just passing through the window - and he cries: “Be aware!” You have fallen onto the ground; your face must change - now the situation is quite different. You had come to ask some metaphysical question, and he has done something absolutely non-metaphysical - he has thrown you out of the window. You were asking whether truth is or not.

It is absolutely irrelevant to throw one through the window. But he says, “Be aware!” in the exact moment when you were changing faces, changing a state. When you are in between, passing through the window, it is not only your body that is passing through a change. Your state of consciousness will be passing through a change. And the teacher knows exactly when it changes. At that exact moment he will cry: “Be aware!” And if you can hear him for a moment you will be at the center - thrown out of the periphery.

So, whenever there is any changing situation, be careful to look inside. There is no traveling. There is only a jump from the periphery to the center, and from the center to the periphery. The behavior is just like the electron, or just like dreams. Deepen this awareness. This is all that you can “do.” This is negative, because awareness is not a doing. Awareness is not an act.

Whenever you are aware, there will be no action. Action will be withheld whenever you are aware. If you become aware, then there will be not even a breath. If I hold a dagger toward you, even the breath stops. You become so aware that everything stops. You are thrown to the center. Awareness is not action. The addiction with action is only the escaping of awareness. And we all have become addicted: one must do something, one must go on doing something. This addiction is helping the continuity.

Use any opportunity to be alert - any opportunity. And there are thousands and thousands of opportunities every day. Be alert, and you will feel the jump from the periphery to the center. When this being at the center becomes easy for you, when this being at the center becomes as easy as coming into the house, or going out of the house.. You are outside the house: it has become hot; you come in. Whenever you feel like coming in, you come in. Whenever you are feeling like going out, you go out. There is no difficulty. When this movement from the periphery to the center has become just like this, then you will have the explosion.

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