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Chapter 10: You Are Blessed

You are blessed, you are fortunate. You may not realize this right now, nobody realizes it when the moment is alive. Have you ever thought about it? Were Jesus’ disciples aware of what was happening when it was happening? Were they aware that something of tremendous import was happening in their lives which was going to decide the destiny of humanity for centuries to come? No, they were not aware. Were Buddha’s disciples aware that something of great import was happening? You are also not aware. Something of tremendous import is happening which has not happened ever, which is going to be decisive, because now the old religions cannot survive in the future; their days are gone.

In the future, a few things will disappear. Nations will have to disappear because the earth has become a small village; now they are meaningless. India and Pakistan and China and America and Canada and England and Germany are meaningless; the earth has become one. The day man became capable of going beyond gravitation, the earth became one. The first man in a spaceship started crying when he saw the whole earth as one. Nobody had ever seen the whole earth as one. He looked at the earth he could not believe how there could be any divisions of America and Russia and China and this and that. He could not think about himself as American or Russian. He could think about himself only as an earth-dweller. And he could not see any divisions of the earth because divisions are only on the political maps; the earth remains undivided. The day man crossed the barrier of gravitation, became free from gravitation, the earth became one. It is now only a question of time.. Nations will have to disappear, and with nations will disappear the world of the politicians and the world of politics. A great nightmare will disappear from the earth.

And the second thing to disappear with the nations is Hinduism, Mohammedanism, Christianity, Judaism. Just as politics have divided the map of the earth, religions have divided the consciousness of man Certainly the division of religion is more dangerous than the division of politics, because politics can only divide the earth.religions have divided the consciousness of man. Man has not been allowed total access to his being. One has to be just a Mohammedan - a very narrow thing. One has to be just a Hindu - just a very narrow thing. Why, when you can have the whole heritage? When the whole past is yours and the whole future is yours, why should you divide? Why should I call myself a Hindu or a Mohammedan or a Christian? One should claim the total. By claiming the total you become total: you lose all narrow divisions, distinctions, you become whole, you become holy. That is going to happen, that is bound to happen. That has to happen, otherwise man will not be able to grow any more.

This is very crucial that man has to drop all barriers of nation and religion and church. That’s what I am doing here: trying to bring together all the fragrances released in different centuries by differing flowerings of human consciousness. Lao Tzu is a flower, so is Buddha, so is Jesus, so is Mohammed, but now we have to melt all their fragrances into one - a universal fragrance. Then, for the first time, man will be able to be religious and yet undivided. Then the church is yours and the mosque too and the temple too. Then the Gita is yours, and the Koran and the Vedas and the Bible - everything is yours. You become vast.

No, I am not trying to create a new flower - flowers have happened. I am trying to create a new perfume out of all those flowers. It is more subtle, more invisible; only those who have eyes will be able to see it.

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