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Chapter 11: Harmony: The Birthplace of Love

So the first thing: you have become aware. Make your awareness sharper, and next time you go to the marketplace there is no need to become robot-like. Perhaps you will not be as efficient as robots - so what? Perhaps you will not be as successful as the mechanical ones - so what? Let them have their day, and then they will disappear like soap bubbles. Don’t feel jealous of them. Be compassionate towards them, and remain contented with your awareness.

Risk everything for awareness, but never risk awareness for anything. This is the commitment of a sannyasin: that he is ready to lose his life but not his awareness; he has found a value which is higher than life. There is no other value which is higher than awareness. Awareness is the seed of godliness in you. When it comes to its full growth, you have come to the fulfillment of your destiny. As your awareness goes deeper, your actions may not be efficient but they will have a new quality, the quality of grace, which is far more valuable. No machine can have the quality of grace. Your actions, your words will have a beauty of their own. The way a man of awareness lives, each moment is filled with tremendous grace and beauty. It is reflected in his actions, even in the smallest actions - just in the gesture of his hand or just the way he looks; in the depth of his eyes or the authority of his words or the music of his silence. His very presence is a celebration.

In comparison to such a man, emperors are beggars; they have everything of the world, but inside they are empty. The temple may be made of gold, but inside the master of the temple is missing.

Every day the disciple becomes more and more graceful, more and more alert; and with all these qualities, a deep gratefulness towards the master is a necessary outcome. It is not that you have to do it. If you do it, it is phony. If it comes on its own accord, then it has authenticity. And as your gratefulness grows, you become more available, more open. The master can pour his whole being into you, all his blessings, his whole benediction.

I sense something wonderful, something incredible happening to you over there in your chair. And more and more over the years, I sense something really wonderful happening within me over here. For me, it is not enlightenment - I know that. But it is like a harmony with you.
Osho, can you say something about how I can reach through the smoke of the mind to bring this wondrousness, this beautiful feeling of giftedness out into the open so that it can grow?

The phenomenon of harmony is one of the most mysterious experiences possible. It means that two bodies are still two bodies, but the two souls within them are no more two. One soul within two bodies: that’s exactly the meaning of harmony. It is the most exquisite experience.

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