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Chapter 9: No-Mind Is the Door

Nobody is there to be fettered, nothing is there to fetter. The bondage has disappeared, so has disappeared the man who was in bondage. When the world disappears, the ego disappears - together; they are part of the same game. Inside is ego, outside is the world. They cannot live apart, they are always together. When one disappears the other disappears simultaneously. Now the ego is not there and the world is not there.

Saraha is propounding Buddha’s greatest insight. Buddha says there is no substance and there is no self. Substance is not there, all is empty. And the self is not inside you, there also all is empty. To come to see this emptiness.awareness floating in emptiness - pure awareness, unbounded awareness.. This awareness is emptiness itself, or this emptiness is awareness itself. This emptiness is luminous with awareness, full of awareness.

Tantra is a great insight into things as they really are. But remember, finally: it is not a philosophy, it is an insight. And if you want to go into it, you will have to go not through the mind, but without the mind.

No-mind is the door to Tantra. Non-thinking is the way to Tantra. Experiencing is the key to Tantra.

Enough for today.