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Chapter 5: The Oasis of Your Awareness

The first question:

You have said that the Sufis are on the path of love. So why do they teach so many methods?

Because of the larvae, the camels. The camels need many methods. They can only trust in a method, they can only trust in technology. They are almost like machines, robots. They cannot have the vision of the beyond, and their hearts are not functioning yet. With the heart functioning they will become lions, and with the soul functioning they will become the child.

It is like this: larvae or camels need many methods; lions need only one method, either love or awareness; and the child needs no method at all. The child is already at home; he need not arrive, he need not go anywhere.

The Sufis are the people on the path of love. Love has no techniques, love is enough unto itself - but the heart has to function for it. And the camel has no heart. The larva has no idea of what heart is, what feeling is, what love is; he has never dreamt about it. The larva has never dreamt about being a caterpillar, just as the caterpillar has not dreamt about being a butterfly:

Two caterpillars were crawling across the grass when suddenly a butterfly flew over them. They looked up, and one nudged the other one and said, “You could not get me up in one of those things for a million dollars.”

The larva cannot trust that something is possible; nothing is possible. The larva lives in a closed world, behind the walls. Those walls have to be broken. Methods are needed to break those walls, to destroy that prison. The larva has almost to be dragged outside the prison, freedom has almost to be imposed upon it. It is afraid of freedom, it is afraid of wings, it is afraid of the sky. It keeps its eyes closed. It remains within itself, it does not relate, it does not believe that relationship is possible. And the world is full of larvae and camels.

Out of compassion, out of love, Sufis talk about other methods. If you understand, then there is no need for any method. Then there is either awareness or love. One who follows awareness needs no other method - one is enough. One who follows love needs no method of awareness - one is enough. Awareness cleanses the mind, cleanses the thought process, cleanses your intelligence, and you arrive. Love cleanses your feelings, cleanses your heart, and you arrive.

The child needs no method at all. The child does not even need love or awareness; the child is love and awareness.

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