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Chapter 13: Mind Is the Bondage

And he immediately came out of the bathroom. He said, “Don’t lie! I am never going to divorce her. I love her. I will love her my whole life.”

I said, “It is up to you. But what about the argument?”

He said, “Finished. I don’t want to see you at all. You have made me so shaky that even in the court, the moment I remember you I feel afraid. Don’t disturb my family life.”

I said, “You were going to disturb my whole life!”

Mortals liberate buddhas because affliction creates awareness. And buddhas liberate mortals because awareness negates affliction.

All the buddhas come from the mortals. They are just more watchful than you are. They look all around - the whole scene is tragic, pathetic. That creates great awareness in them. And when they have come to the highest peak of their awareness, they make every effort to help you to be aware so that you can also get out of these afflictions.

It is not only that man is in misery. The woman is in more misery. It seems there is a strange conspiracy going on where everybody is creating misery for everybody else. Many times I have been asked why I have not married. I said, “Because of the married people. I have known so many and they warned me.”

And now my whole work is somehow to get you out of your trap, to make you more alert, more aware, whether you are a husband or a wife. With your awareness your misery will disappear. Just as light dispels darkness, awareness dispels misery.

There can’t help but be affliction.

Because people are unconscious.

And there can’t help but be awareness.

Once in a while somebody is going to be alert enough to see all around. And the person who becomes aware, feels to share with people who are unaware.

If not for affliction there would be nothing to create awareness. And if not for awareness, there would be nothing to negate affliction. When you are deluded, buddhas liberate mortals. When you are aware, mortals liberate buddhas. Buddhas don’t become buddhas on their own.