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Chapter 2: You Are Your Own Authority

The basic thing is meditation. But meditation can happen in two ways: either it can happen in your absolute aloneness, unrelated to anybody - you can move inward in your silence. Just sitting there watching your thoughts moving, as you watch, you become aware of a strange phenomenon, that the gaps between thoughts are becoming bigger and bigger. The thought process is no longer as thick as it was before.

Just a few days of sitting silently, doing nothing, no interference with thoughts, no judgment about them, whether they are good or bad, just as if sitting by the side of a river and the river flows by - but the strange experience comes to you, that the more you are watchful, the less are the thoughts. As your watchfulness grows higher, your thoughts go on becoming less and less and less. A moment comes when your thoughts are nil and your awareness is full. It is exactly proportionate: one hundred percent awareness means zero thoughts; one hundred percent of thoughts means zero awareness.

So, either it is possible in your aloneness, or it is possible in your relationship. In relationships, particularly in moments when you are making love, meditation is very easy, because the very experience of making love brings you to a point where thoughts stop.

You are referring to the orgasm?

Yes, when thoughts stop and you are simply there, experiencing the thrill. If you know that this moment can be transformed into meditation, then this is the simplest way. Rather than sitting under a bo tree for six years, it can happen in your bedroom - there is no need to go into a forest - and far more easily, because you are following a natural course. Your biology will support you, your physiology will support you, your woman will support you. Everything will be supportive. You just have to be alert that when orgasm happens, don’t get lost in it. Remain a witness, remain a watcher.

So the whole thing is simple, but that is the difficult point. In relationships, the difficult point comes because in orgasm you are feeling so pleasant, so blissed out, that you will tend to forget your awareness.

You’re talking about getting attached to the experience?

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