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Chapter 25: The Territory of Silence

This is awareness! Even in such a bad situation he is not identified with the body or death or anything. He is calm and cool and writing a list of all the people in the city. Before dying at least he will bite all of them.a very alert mind, a very centered being!

Relaxation has always been one of the most valuable states of being for me. Watchfulness seems to be possible only then, or at least so much easier. Would you like to comment on how relaxation is connected to awareness?

They are not only connected with each other, they are almost two sides of the same coin. You cannot separate them. Either you can begin with awareness and then you will find yourself relaxing.because what is your tension? - your identification with all kinds of thoughts, fears, death, bankruptcy, the dollar going down.! All kinds of fears are there. These are your tensions. They also affect your body. Your body also becomes tense because body and mind are not two separate entities. Body-mind is a single system, so when the mind becomes tense, the body becomes tense.

You can start with awareness; then awareness takes you away from the mind and the identifications with the mind. Naturally, the body starts relaxing; you are no longer attached. Tensions cannot exist in the light of awareness.

You can start from the other end also. Just relax.let all tensions drop.and as you relax you will be surprised that a certain awareness is arising in you. They are inseparable. But to start from awareness is easier; to start with relaxation is a little difficult, because even the effort to relax creates a certain tension.

There is an American book - and if you want to find all kinds of stupid books, America is the place. The moment I saw the title of the book, I could not believe it. The title is You Must Relax. Now if the must is there, how can you relax? The must will make you tense; the very word immediately creates tension. Must comes like a commandment from God. Perhaps the person who is writing the book knows nothing about relaxation and knows nothing about the complexities of relaxation.

Hence, in the East we have never started meditation from relaxation; we have started meditation from awareness. Then relaxation comes on its own accord, you don’t have to bring it - because if you have to bring it there will be a certain tension. It should come on its own; then only will it be pure relaxation. And it comes..

But if you want to try, you can try from relaxation - but not according to American advisors! As far as experiencing the inner world is concerned, America is the most childish place on the earth. Europe is a little older, but the East has lived for thousands of years in search of its inner self.

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