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Chapter 19: Radiance

Present Awareness and Comparative Awareness

Yen T’ou said, “In the future, if you want to propagate the great teaching, it must flow out point by point from within your own breast to cover heaven and earth: only then will it be the action of a man of power.” That which flows out from one’s own breast, as he calls it, is one’s own beginningless present awareness, fundamentally complete of itself. As soon as you arouse a second thought, you fall into thinking. Awareness is something from before your parents were born.
This affair is not a matter of intelligence or acuity. Actually, it’s just an abrupt bursting out that’s the criterion. As soon as you’ve attained this scene, then whatever words you have, they’re established. When where they’re established is real, this is the so-called “flowing out from within one’s own breast to cover heaven and earth.”

Truth can never be a missionary, but only a heart-to-heart message - not to convert the other, but just to share your abundance of love, compassion, blissfulness.

This has to be remembered: a missionary is one of the ugliest persons in the world. He himself knows nothing; his heart is empty, but his head is full. He has read, he has studied.but all the words which are written, howsoever significant, are dead corpses. The scholar is a gravedigger. He brings out skeletons, and he lives amongst skeletons.

There is a psychological problem: the man who has not known the truth wants to convince himself that he knows it, and the only way to convince himself that he knows it is to start converting people. It is a feedback system. As more and more people become impressed by his words, by his philosophy, the ultimate outcome is that he becomes convinced that he must have the truth, because so many people could not be idiots.

I have heard.Once it happened - it very rarely happens, just once in a billion years - that a journalist reached to the gate of heaven. A journalist, by his very profession, is already booked for hell, but there are always accidents..

A journalist knocked on the doors of heaven, and Saint Peter opened the door. But seeing the journalist he said, “Forgive me, we have a quota of only twelve journalists, and it has been full since eternity. Even they are absolutely useless here, because nothing happens in heaven - no murder, no rape, no robbing, no suicide. So only the first issue of our newspaper was ever published, and that remains relevant forever”.because good people don’t have stories. To have stories you need bad people. It is unfortunate, but that is how it is.

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