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Chapter 3: Beyond This Nature There’s No Buddha

I wrote him a letter saying, “Perhaps you are a born Buddhist, but I am a buddha. And I have every right to call the discos, Zorba The Buddha; it has nothing to do with your buddha.you can be satisfied. If I were calling it “Zorba the Siddhartha”, there would be a point to your being disturbed. But buddha is not a personal name; Gautam Buddha is only one of the buddhas amongst millions. And Zorba has every potential to become a buddha. I cannot prevent it and neither can you. And you are only a Buddhist, just a follower, an imitator. You don’t even know exactly the meaning of the word buddha. You have never experienced what self-awareness is. So write to me again what you want.”

He has been silent, he has not answered. And I don’t think he has shown the letter to anybody else.

So whenever Bodhidharma uses the word buddha, remember he is not mentioning Gautam Buddha. He is saying awareness, enlightenment, liberation, total freedom - all those qualities are in that word buddha. It is nobody’s name and it is everybody’s potential.