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Chapter 20: Health: Overflowing Energy of Life

Health is the feeling of well-being; your whole body functioning at its peak without any disturbance, you feel a certain well-being, a certain at-onement with existence. That was not happening through surgery.

India abandoned the whole science and developed a totally different approach, ayurveda, which means science of life. It is significant. In the West we call it medicine, and medicine simply indicates towards sickness. Health has nothing to do with medicine. Medicine means that the whole science is devoted to curing you from sicknesses.

Ayurveda has a different approach. It is the science of life; it helps you, not to cure sicknesses but to prevent sicknesses from happening - to keep you so healthy that the sickness becomes impossible. The ways of the East and the West are different on this point, whether man is a machine or a spiritual entity with a wholeness.

A new phenomenon has supported the East tremendously, and that is Kirlian photography in the Soviet Union. A great scientist and photographer, Kirlian has been able to develop such sensitive films and lenses and cameras that he can take pictures of the future. For example, you give him a bud and he photographs it, and the photograph is of a flower not of a bud. When the bud blossoms it is exactly the same as the photograph that Kirlian has taken. He has caught some future development before its happening.

He has tried the same on human beings and he has found strange conclusions which fit with the Eastern attitude, but which are absolutely against the mechanical attitude of Western medicine. For example, a man’s finger is cut off in an accident. Immediately he is photographed by Kirlian, and the picture shows four fingers - but it also shows the aura of the fifth, a faint picture of the fifth which is missing. So what is coming into the photograph? The finger is not just material; there is something inner to it, the spiritual part of it, which comes into the photograph.

Kirlian has been able to predict diseases that will happen to somebody six months later. Just by taking photographs, X-rays, he can say, “This person is going to have tuberculosis within six months - because his photographs already show it.” And he has always proved right.

The doctors refused to believe him in the beginning because the man showed no symptoms of tuberculosis. Their X-ray and their methods had nothing to say about the man: he seemed to be perfectly healthy; there was no sickness present.

But one question Kirlian has raised: the man does not feel well-being. He is healthy according to the textbooks of Western medicine, but according to the Eastern way of thinking he is not healthy because he is not feeling an overflowing energy of life. Something in him is developing and destroying his well-being. Anybody who reported to Kirlian that he was not feeling well - although he could not pinpoint his sickness, Kirlian immediately photographed him and found out what was going to happen to him.

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