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Chapter 15: Divorce Yourself

Mulla Nasruddin was serving in a house, in a rich man’s house. But Nasruddin was a difficult man, very logical, and logical men are very difficult.

The master said one day, “Nasruddin, it is too much! I don’t think there is any necessity to go to the market three times for three eggs. You are too mathematical, too logical. And I don’t think that I can convince you, but there is no need to go to the market three times for three eggs! You can bring them all at once. One time is enough.” Nasruddin agreed to reform.

Then the master fell ill, so he said, “Go and bring a doctor.”

Nasruddin went, and he came with a hoard, many people, a crowd. The master asked, “Where is the doctor?”

Nasruddin said, “I have brought the doctor, and all the others also.”

The master asked, “Who are all these others?”

So he said, “One is an allopath. If he fails, I have brought one ayurveda man. If he also fails, there is one homeopath. If he also fails, then there are many others. And the last one, if everything fails, then he is to carry you out of the house!”

This mind is logical, legal, but also stupid.

Mulla Nasruddin was the only man in his village who could read and write. One day one yokel came and asked him to write a letter. So he wrote a letter. When the letter was complete, the yokel asked, “Now please read it, Mulla, so I can be sure nothing is left out.”

It was very difficult, because even for Mulla Nasruddin to read his script himself was a very difficult feat. So he said, “Now you are creating problems.”

He tried. He looked at the scrawl. He could read only, “My dear brother,” and then he said, “Now everything becomes confused.”

So the man said, “This is terrible, Nasruddin! If you cannot read it, then who will read it?”

Nasruddin said, “That is not our business - our business is to write. Now let them read. It is their business. Moreover, the letter is not addressed to me, so how can I read it? It is illegal.”

Logic, legality, they have their own stupidities. They are good compared to ignorance, they are stupid compared to higher things. Mulla Nasruddin’s stupidities are apparent, but they are all human stupidities. When stupidities are apparent, they are not dangerous. When they are not apparent, they are dangerous.

Remember this: mind cannot help you to go beyond itself. It can help you to go beyond ignorance; it cannot help you to go beyond itself. And unless you go beyond it, there is no wisdom.